Not sure if it’s just me or not but ever since PayPal updated their homepage I can never login to my account using Mozilla Firefox.  I always have to revert to IE in order to get in there.

Also – just ranting a little – there’s always that offer to use “Bill me later”.  This always erks me.  Perhaps there’s an option to turn that notice off, but I’m just not finding it.

When they first updated their homepage with a video in the background I used to think it was WAY COOL.  But the more I went to the homepage to login I would always find myself totally distracted by the video and having to remind myself why I was there in the first place – LOL.  Has this happened to you??

I really like using Paypal to buy and sell so these little “qualms” are just things I’ve observed, but nothing so bothersome that I’ll stop using PayPal.