Good pictures are equally important for selling products online as is the website itself, dare I say even more important. Don’t let the product photos you have rob the product and make them look cheap.  By adding special effects to your images you can actually make your product look cheap and less appealing, especially photos with distracting borders and clip art around them.

Great product picture example from

Great product picture example from

The best thing you could do is take clean and clear pictures of your products and do not add all kinds of “special effects around them”. When you take pictures try to use the same background colors and similar complimentary displays (eg. Flowers or leaves for an accent).  Flowers, leaves and other pretty yet simple things can really help as well.  Just be sure they are similar, that they do not distract but rather compliment the item you are trying to sell.  Such as an orange sitting next to a jar of orange facial cream – as seen in the featured image (photo credit:

Having a lot of different backgrounds and colors behind your product can make your store look cluttered/messy.  This will cause a person to not want to hang around much longer resulting in a dramatic loss of product sells and page hits.

I strongly suggest using a pure white background (or very light gray) if you can get one.  Black backgrounds can look really classy as well but I think white is by far the easiest to work with and shows off your products very well. Some huge roll out paper or boards might work, even the ones they have at Wal-mart can be used above and below the product, especially if you can not afford to have your product pictures taken professionally.  However, never use wrinkled paper or wrinkled sheets as your background. Wrinkled sheets are very obvious, obnoxious and distracting. I’ve seen many sellers try to use wrinkled sheets, even I did this unknowingly when I first started to sell products online. But again it is very obvious, very distracting and kills a lot of the class a product has to offer the buyer.

Let your beautiful products sell themselves. Also, showcase your product images one at a time, collages are great for the family wall and for a website homepage, but can be overwhelming or annoying when it comes to a product page.  Keep things simple and clean, and again, let your products sell themselves. Large clear photos of the products with a very minimal background will help you sell your products and make it more likely for you to get the price you are hoping for.