Q: I’ve just been reading a lot of stuff and I understood that my shop won’t work unless I use a 3rd party tool called Ad-Lister.

A: I’m glad you’re asking and I’m happy to answer your questions to help you better understand. You don’t have to use a 3rd party tool, but it does cut down a lot of time and frustration if you sell a lot of different products on an ongoing basis. I have a lot of clients happy with inkfrog.com so that’d be the one I’d recommend most of all. Others have used TurboLister, Auctiva and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. J If you sell a lot of the same product then I’d recommend just listing directly in ebay. For instance if you sell the same 5 candles and there’s an unlimited supply of that so you just keep relisting the auctions, and that’s all you sold then an auction lister wouldn’t be needed, especially the ones that charge you money.

If you’ve never listed on ebay before I would recommend getting your feet wet first by listing directly in ebay. It’s good to be familiar with ebay first before the other add-ons… because there’s a lot of “add-ons” out there (auction listers and tools to help better sell your products). After you’re comfortable with listing directly in ebay then check out the other options.

One might say, well why don’t I knock out two birds with one stone by just using an auction lister in the beginning… Infact I would probably be the type of person to say that for myself, lol. But to be honest I have noticed my clients tend to get overwhelmed very quickly when they jump into so many different things trying to sell as much as they can in as little time possible. If you jump in too deep the waters may overwhelm you and you’ll just ditch the whole thing. I’ve seen this happen too often sadly.

It’s important to steady yourself and learn your most important tools first. Anyways, just my own personal opinion for new ebay sellers